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Verizon.net Email is not working in Windows live Mail! 

Well, everyone is aware of the name of AOL as it is simply not a small product but a Brand itself with many products and services. Recently it was acquired by Verizon.net but AOL Email features are unique with many functions so, Verizon kept this service as it is for the users and those who were using Verizon Email they have to migrate their email account to AOL. We are providing a solution for the users with instructions for the users to resolve the issues. If in any case, they face some issues they have another option to resolve their issues through AOL help number where they will be assisted by skilled technicians.

How the users can configure the settings to use AOL Mail in Windows Live Mail


The users can access Verizon.net mail by using a third-party email client which needs manual configuration using supported Verizon.net/AOL mail servers and port numbers.

If the users will connect with mail.aol.com or the AOL app, they have not required to make any changes to their settings.

Step 1: in the beginning the users have to find the IMAP/POP server and port settings in their email application.

The users have to find these settings under an account settings menu in their application.

Step 2: The users are required to update their server and port settings and save their changes.

If the users have to update their settings and if they can't retrieve their mail or confront an error, they have to check it that if their username is right or not. It should be user’s full email address, including @verizon.net.

How the users can configure Verizon.net to Windows Live Mail?

The users have to follow the instructions below to learn how they can set up their Verizon migrated account in Windows Live Mail:

1.     In the first step they have to launch Windows Live Mail.

2.     Now they have to click on the Accounts tab and then click Email.

3.     After that they are required to type in their information where they have to make it sure that they use the full email address/alias that they have selected during the migration process, including @verizon.net. Now they have to check the manually configure server settings box and click Next.

4.     Now they have to input the same settings as in the image below.

IMPORTANT:  The users have to ensure it that the users type in the full email address/alias that they selected during the migration process in the Logon user name field, including @verizon.net.

5.     After the previous step they have to click next when they are done with the settings.

6.     Now Click on Finish.

7.     Now that’s the final step where the users have setup the configuration of Verizon.net with Windows Live Mai

After the final step users will be able to use their Verizon email account through AOL Email server. The users have to follow the all the instructions as we have provided very strictly and in any case they face any kind of technical error then there is an option for them from which they can resolve the issues through AOL Email technical support number where they will be assisted by our skilled technicians within a short period of time.

As we can see and observe it that there is a very simple way to setup the Verizon.net mail with Windows Live Mail. They are required to follow the instructions as we have provided to them. If they face any error while following the instructions we had provided then there is another option to resolve the issues through AOL support number where they will be assisted by our skilled and trained technicians within a short span of time.

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