Aol is not responding (TollFree Number) 1-844-794-2728

Aol is not responding (TollFree Number) 1-844-794-2728

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Additional items are applications that Internet Explorer uses to associate with web content like recordings and diversions. Toolbars and augmentations are likewise sorts of additional items. Some normal additional items are Adobe Flash, Quicktime, and Silverlight. 

Web Explorer is intended to give an extra free ordeal, and will play HTML5 and numerous Adobe Flash recordings without expecting to introduce a different extra.You'll just have the capacity to introduce and utilize additional items in Internet Explorer for the desktop. In case you're attempting to see a page that requires additional items, see it in the desktop: swipe up from the base of the screen (or right-click) to raise the application summons, select the Page instruments catch Page apparatuses catch , and afterward select View in the desktop.

Method : You can turn off hardware acceleration and use software rendering instead of graphics processing unit (GPU) rendering to view AOL Customer Support. Hardware acceleration uses your computer's GPU to speed up graphics-heavy tasks like video streaming or online gaming. Turning this feature off might help solve display problems

Follow these steps to turn off hardware acceleration.

a.      Open Internet Explorer.

b.      Click the Tools button, and then click Internet options.

c.       Click the Advanced tab, and then select Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering

d.      Click OK, and then close and reopen Internet Explorer for the change to take effect.

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