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How to update third party email program or mobile device with your new account information (POP3) in Mac (Apple) Mail 10

How one can feel when they face some technical glitches while using the services of AOL Email. Well, the changes which had happened recently in AOL where the Verizon move to AOL server and their all clients will utilize the AOL server. To use the emails in a proper manner they are required to change some settings in their mail account and for their convenience we are providing a solution with instructions so that the users can resolve their issues which they face by contact AOL tech support number where they will be assisted by well qualified technicians of level six.

1.     Launch Mac Mail.

2.     Select Mail in the top-left corner of the screen and then click Preferences...

3.     Click the Accounts tab and then click your Verizon account on the left side.

4.     Click the Server Settings tab.

5.     Type in your new password in the Password boxes.

6.     Click Save in the bottom-right corner of the window.

7.     Click the Account Information tab.

8.     Make sure the box next to Remove copy from server after retrieving a message is not checked.

9.     Exit out of the remaining windows.

10.                       Send a test email to yourself to ensure the settings are correct and your email arrives successfully.

As we can see and observe it that the users from AOL can resolve the issues by simply following the instructions and if they face some technical error in instructions then they have another option to resolve the issues by contact AOL tech support number where they will be assisted by our skilled and trained technicians within a short span of time and without any hassle.

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