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How to fix spam setting of AOL

AOL provide their free email service to the users for very long time. The number of users of AOL is about 10 million, they all have their mail address on AOL Email. AOL mail provides their users good quality service. It also offers best features to AOL Email users. Well, after good features and service users face issues with AOL Email service. Therefore to fix user’s problem and help them to continue their work AOL has provided AOL customer care number. AOL users can call on the number 24 hour in 7 days to get the solution to their problem.

Fix issues of spam folder in AOL Email address: -

If you are getting irritated due to spam folders of your AOL Email then here we will tell about the solution. How user can resolve the problem of the spam folder.

·        Access the Spam setting page: -

1.     To access the mail, sign on AOL Email and click on the menu of AOL email

2.     Block the Unwanted mail.

·        Manage Spam Filters:

1.     There are four options to maintain the spam filters. Off advanced spam filters for suspected emails. Low-level filter for obvious spam emails.

2.     Medium identifies almost all spam emails and high level of filter virtually identify spam emails and send to the spam folder.

·        Spam Folder:

Check spam folder of your account by clicking on the link view spam folder.

·        Sender Filter:

1.     Sender filter provides an option to users to choose who can send mail to them.

2.     Block emails from addresses I specify, allow emails from all, allow emails only whom I know and allow the mail address specified by me. 

·        Content Filter:

Content filters allow the mails according to contents of mail occupied.

1.     Block the emails contain pictures and files.

2.     Choose some specific words or phrase to block mail which contain such matters.

·        Blocked Mail settings:

In block mail setting users can block mail address and

1.     Delete all block emails permanently.

2.     The second option is to move block emails to spam folder

These were the solutions of spam folder management. Users of AOL Email can try this solution if they want to make their mail address safe and avoid spam emails. Our customer support team is always ready to help you. The AOL customer support number help the users to shoot their problems with an instant solution.

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