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In the world of advanced and hi-technology email has its own place in everyone’s life. Email plays a vital role in the life of professionals and business person. Email required not only to send message and chats but also to create accounts on websites and more. To get a free email address to perform your regular work create your account on AOL email. The AOL is free to email Provider Company which has updated many features for its customer as well as to support customer’s they also have AOL phone number. On this number, users can call and ask any quarry related to AOL email. The tech support team has skilled and trained technicians who resolved all issues. AOL use to update its features and technology to provide their users advanced AOL email service.

With the help of advanced AOL Email Customer Care Number, users work become fast and easy. To send an instant email message and be updated with new associates of mail choose AOL email. The features of AOL email has described here:

1.      Plenty space for emails storage allows its users to keep their all email. They don’t require to make space.

2.      Larger files can be send approx. 25 MB in one email.

3.      Users can create a customized sign in an email to send. It may include links or images.

4.      An instant text message can be sent by email directly on receiver’s mobile phone.

5.      1000 junk and spam mail filters replace junk and spam mail to the spam folder.

6.      Compatibility with most devices, so users can enjoy AOL email features everywhere.

Free AOL email service allows users to take advantage of these features without any issues but due to some technical fault or lack of users knowledge, use of AOL features become difficult

AOL email has its tech support team to solve such issues. The team of trained technicians allows users to ask question and problems. There is AOL Contact Number by which tech support experts help customers. This service is available 24 hours in 7 day’s means every time. Either you have an issue with sign in or to use features our experts will guide you when you call on the number.

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